Yuppie Hostel

Backpacker Community with Five-Star Comfort
Yuppie Hostel

Eric and Frank are avid backpackers. They share a common goal of being able to travel the world and have a nice comfortable place they can call “home” in the countries they enjoy the most.

“We want to have a Yuppie [hostel] at all the cities we like around the world someday”, said Eric.

This way, they always have a place to stay in their favourite cities with the comfort and environment that they love.

Yuppie Hostel

While travelling from Thailand to Laos, fate brought them together on a boat cruise. It was then that they discovered they shared a common lifestyle dream. After Eric returned to the US, he felt he missed travelling and sent Frank a message asking him if he wanted to open a hostel.

Frank agreed and the Yuppie Hostel was born.

Both being from a marketing background, one from a world class entertainment industry, the other from a global electronics firm, they recognized the importance of branding.

They engaged us, ID3NTITY, to create a logo, business card and flyer that was, as Eric put, “well designed, has a story in it, represents our ideas well”.

As a result of a well designed logo, the Yuppie Hostel is able to draw in the type of clientele they want – affluent people who would like and can afford the comfort of a hotel but prefer the community of a hostel.

“I have friends from EU, China and US telling me all the time that people have heard of our hostel”, said Eric.

In a very saturated holiday accommodation market, it was important to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Armed with their logo, and accompanying business card and flyer, they were able to successfully attract their preferred clientele.

“People can tell from the logo that we are not just another cheap hostel with drunk college students,” added Eric.

Within a year, Yuppie Hostel has outgrown their pilot project and already looking for a bigger property.

For those looking to follow in the footsteps of their dream life, Eric has this advice: “do what you love and be good at it, money will follow. Save and invest when you are young, you can do whatever you want after you achieve financial freedom”.

They loved the logo so much that when they moved on to open Yuppie Spicy Lounge, they kept the logo.

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