KK Baker Mall

KK Baker Mall

The Premier Bakery Supply Mall in Pattani
KK Baker Mall
The logo and website were so outstanding that my business became the talk of the town before we even had our opening.
Noon Hangsapruek Owner, KK Baker Mall
Noon Hangsapruek, Owner, KK Baker Mall

KK Baker Mall is one of the new establishments in Pattani.

Situated just outside the town entrance, it is the premier source of baking supplies for the city of Pattani in Thailand.

This was the next evolution and generation of a shop that had a long tradition in Pattani. Even her grandfather’s business had long, deep roots in the town.

“When I was a child, all I had to say to the trishaw drivers was to take me to my grandfather’s house,” said Noon. They all knew where he lived.

So we had to create something that matched their tradition in the city, trendy for the new generation, yet doesn’t alienate the traditional customers.

“We wanted a logo that was fun, curvy and iconic,” said Noon. “It also had to convey our product line … without the use of the rolling pin.”

We went with the colour scheme that had already been chosen before we were engaged on the project. Certain other elements, such as the angular lines, were chosen to match the building exterior.

For an extra professional approach, something quite unique in the city of Pattani, we developed a system that allows new job seekers to quickly enter their phone number to check if they got the job after an interview.

It proved to be a hit, both functional and a marketing gimmick, amongst the younger generation.

When we asked if there were any tips on baking good croissants, Noon replied “if you are baking, not just croissants, you should treat your baked goods like a baby. You need to keep close watch even when it’s in the oven.”

“Even if you’re going to use something like a hand mixer, you should use your hand first,” she added. “This way, you can know how hard or how hot your dough is and so on before you mix it.”

If you are in Pattani, do drop by KK Baker Mall.